​Hogeschool de Kempel offers Bachelor degree education programmes in the professional area of teacher training for primary schools. Hogeschool de Kempel is a medium sized hbo (higher vocational education) institute, with approximately 800 students and 80 employees.

The education program is competence-based. Courses are student-driven and e-learning is an important part of the curriculum. Students are able to study online and use interactive study tools.

Hogeschool de Kempel also provides additional courses and expertise improvement for people who are already employed in the education sector.

All students graduating at Hogeschool de Kempel will receive a Diploma Supplement. This is a document attached to the formal Bachelor Degree Certificate and provides a description in the English language of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studie that was pursued and successfully completed.

Students who are interested in studying at Hogeschool de Kempel should know that all courses at our university are in Dutch. Read more...



 For more information about the content and goals of the courses you must contact the international office for a temporary login code to the electronic learning environment: s.schoenmakers@kempel.nl.

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